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Multi-standard DC charging station

ABB Terra 53 is the best-selling 50 kW DC charging station in Europe and North America.

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Main benefits

  • DC fast charger supporting 50 kW CCS and CHAdeMO, and 60kW GB
  • Simultaneously AC charging via optional 22/43 kW cable or 22kW socket
  • Designed to deliver full output power continuously

Main features

  • IEC 61000 EMC Class B certified for industrial and residential areas (including petrol stations, retail outlets, offices, etc.)
  • Future proof connection via open industry
    – Flexible interfacing with added value systems
    – Remote uptime monitoring and assistance
    – Remote updates and upgrades
  • Easy to use:
    – Daylight readable touch screen display
    – Graphic visualization of charging progress
    – RFID/PIN/Remote authorization

Terra 53 CJ

Cost effective multi-standard DC fast charger

Terra 53 CJ provides the next step in enabling EV drivers, compatible with electric vehicles using the SAE Combo (CCS) standard or the CHAdeMO standard. Typical charging times range between 15 and 30 minutes.

This charger is a cost effective solution to charge all open standard DC-capable cars in cities, on highways or in fleets. The Terra 53 CJ is also very easy to integrate into an existing AC and/or DC charging network.

All ABB chargers come with Connected services. These allow customers to easily connect their chargers to different software systems like back-offices, payment platforms or energy management solutions via the Internet.

DC Fast Charger

High Power Charging

Fast charging just got faster. High power for next generation electric vehicles.

Several electric vehicle(EV) models with larger batteries and longer ranges are coming. Infrastructure needs are growing. More fast charging points with higher power demands will be needed. ABB has solutions today that will enable this future.

Main benefits:

  • Suited for current and next generation EVs
  • 375 A output current per power cabinet to charge fast at 400 VDC
  • Dynamic DC power sharing technology to save costs
  • Scalable installation with integrated galvanic isolation

Main features:

  • Supports CCS (500 A liquid-cooled cables) and CHAdeMO (200 A)
  • Modular system, charging powers available from 175kw up to 350kW
  • Integrated chiller in the charge post allows for ease of installation and creates redundancy on site level

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