Jaguar Chooses EV Safe Charge For Its Mobile Fast Charging Needs

We have more news on EV Safe Charge’s portable fast charger. Jaguar just announced it chose the Californian startup as its official partner for the North America national launch of its I-PACE.

EV Safe Charge just announced it was chosen for the Jaguar Electrifies Experience, a multi-city national tour promoting the electric I-PACE.

Jaguar North America will use EV Safe Charge’s portable electric vehicle (EV) fast charger, the EV Charge Mobile, as one of its suppliers.

The charging system allows event operators to offer Level 2 and DC fast charging. The company also offers complete logistic support around the charging system. Caradoc Ehrenhalt, EV Safe Charge Founder and CEO, told us that this means charger delivery, setup and pickup, operations, and any required permitting and insurance needed for mobile EV charging.

The Jaguar Electrifies Experience wants to educate consumers on how the I-PACE drives, feels, as well as the benefits of EVs, by letting attendees get behind the wheel of the new electric Jaguar. The Jaguar Electrifies Experience started in San Francisco in October 2018 and is traveling throughout the United States.

According to Caradoc: “We were put through a rigorous vetting process. The project required a partner that could not only provide portable Level 2 and DC fast charging stations but also the logistical support and project management to handle charging on such a prestigious and arduous series of nationwide events.

“Part of our ethos is an unwavering commitment to safety and bringing a high level of industry knowledge and experience to every installation and deployment – and at any location our customers need it. Event producers trust us because we are experts. Being approached to provide mobile EV charging solutions for the I-PACE launch was a great honor and milestone for our company. It tells the world that we are a company that can be counted on to fulfill our clients’ EV charging needs.”

Ian Beavis, chief strategy officer at AMCI Global, was quoted as saying: “For event planners, there are enormous logistical hurdles to pull off 24/7 charging in locations where there is no existing infrastructure. Caradoc has been relentless in pursuing leading edge charging solutions and was a first mover in mobile fast charging that helped immeasurably in the successful delivery of these events.”

Charging + Helping The Environment

In our last article on EV Safe Charge, a few comments highlighted how the portable charging industry uses diesel generators. While EV Safe Charge, Jaguar, and practically all of us want to see clean renewable energies powering our lifestyle, the industry at large still favors the best return on its investment, and that sometimes means diesel.

Caradoc told me that EV Safe Charge partners with the Arbor Day Foundation and for each EV charger sold and installed, it will plant a tree. He further added that every new EV charger from EV Safe Charge is shipped from the Exceptional Children’s Foundation (ECF) and handled with care by adults with developmental disabilities.

We can get complacent and sarcastic waiting for bold actions from giant corporations that are moving at glacier speeds, but little steps and big changes via new business models excite me. At least it’s moving forward instead of waiting for a perfect world. Incremental steps taken by smaller companies are better than loud and bold but hollow press releases from the bigger players.