Ziggy is a flexible, cost-effective EV charging solution unlike any other

ZiGGY is a robotic mobile EV charging platform that serves all parking spaces, not just a few. As more EVs hit the roads every day, EV charging demand can’t keep up. New regulations on parking infrastructure are being introduced daily to try to meet that demand, at significant costs. 500 million chargers could be required globally by 2040, up from fewer than six million today, representing nearly $1.6 trillion of cumulative investment in EV charging infrastructure. ZiGGY reduces or eliminates the costs involved in installing stationary EV charging systems. 

ZiGGY is capturing the world’s imagination

ZiGGY is receiving extensive international press, including from the leaders at the World Economic Forum, and others.


One ZiGGY significantly expands EV charging capacity!

ZiGGY can remove the expenses involved with installing permanent, stationary EV chargers.

Immediately deployable, easily scalable, and can be implemented anywhere

For new or existing parking facilities, ZiGGY reduces the time, effort and cost to meet EV charging requirements.

Revenue-generating OpEx

ZiGGY allows sites to offer on-demand EV-charging-as-a-service. Parking facilities seeking additional revenue opportunities can offer EV charging to all their customers through ZiGGY.

No need to block parking spaces for EV Charging

ZiGGY doesn’t require special EV charging spaces! With no change to a parking facility’s footprint, ZiGGY can meet growing EV charging demand.

Broad advertising visibility across entire parking lot audience

ZiGGY’s innovative design includes a large video monitor on each side, offering new advertising opportunities combined with EV charging services. Parking facilities can offset costs by using ZiGGY to share advertising messages with parking customers. 


ZiGGY combines EV charging with
leading-edge robotics

ZiGGY isn’t just another EV charging station… It’s an EV charging robot. Combined with an innovative app, ZiGGY can be reserved in advance and utilized easily by customers.

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