EV Safe Charge Introduces Industry’s 1st Comprehensive Fast Portable EV Charging Solution

Remember that EV charging solution group EV Safe Charge we wrote about and met at the last LA Auto Show?

I recently caught up with the founder and CEO of EV Safe Charge, Caradoc Ehrenhalt, for a CleanTechnica interview. Ehrenhalt told us about the industry’s 1st comprehensive fast portable EV charging solution earlier this year. He also announced the EV Safe Charge has been recognized as one of the top 15 “most fundable” companies from a top university.

EV Safe Charge Portable Fast Charger

EV Safe Charge Introduces Portable EV Fast Charger

EV Safe Charge Portable Fast ChargerThe company’s market-leading mobile EV charging solution is called EV Charge Mobile.

According to Caradoc Ehrenhalt: “EV Charge Mobile is a comprehensive solution where EV Safe Charge manages everything from charger delivery to set up and pickup, to operations, and any required permitting and insurance needed for mobile EV charging.”

When asked what need is answered with the portable EV Charge Mobile, Ehrenhalt said: “National event planners came to us looking for a portable charging option for EV launch events and for drivers attending their EV-related events where they may be concerned about having enough charge to get home. … At the same time, these environmentally conscious businesses wanted to show support for EV owners and be able to charge a large number of EVs rapidly. We designed EV Charge Mobile to be a safe and simple solution ideal for event organizers, sites and EV owners.”

Installing stationary fast-charging stations is expensive. A high-voltage connection between the main electrical panel and charging equipment is needed and often requires more power to the site. EV Safe Charge found that it is a deterrent today for most organizations.

Essentially, EV Charge Mobile does away with a high-voltage connection to the grid. It becomes even more attractive when power is not available. While most organizations turn to generators, the fast portable EV charger is flexible and works whether or not generators are needed. In the case that they are, EV Safe Charge offsets the carbon footprint by planting trees with the Arbor Day Foundation.

Portable fast EV chargerWe pressed Ehrenhalt to tell us about the company’s clients: “EV Safe Charge’s new corporate clients include a top Hollywood studio, a leading luxury auto manufacturer, and a motorcycle company.” He continued with: “There is enormous growth opportunity across various industries. We have deployments in entertainment, automotive, utilities, and more. … There is a lot to know and deal with to pull off 24/7 charging in remote locations. We are experts at this and can deal with any issue. We handle all the details needed to have a flawless mobile EV charging experience.”

Recently, EV Safe Charge was selected as one of the “Top 15 Most Fundable Companies” by Pepperdine Graziadio Business School. Selected out of more than 2500 applicants, Pepperdine Graziadio identified it as a promising early-stage company with the right resources needed to be part of the Most Fundable Companies survey. It then received a comprehensive assessment of its funding worthiness and how it will be viewed by potential investors.

Portable fast EV charger

From A Community-Oriented Solution To A Full-Fledged Company

EV Safe Charge impressed me with its positive attitude, its grassroots approach to providing solutions to concrete problems, and no use of over-the-top marketing gimmicks. In many ways, this is what we should expect from any company. Answer a real demand, build a grassroots solution, and continue building the group into a company while attracting investors. That last part is probably the biggest challenge facing any startup — finding investors who are not afraid of taking intelligent risks can require a long and tiresome search. But this startup seems to be on its way to becoming a full-fledged company.

Stay tuned for more. We’ll meet up with EV Safe Charge at the Los Angeles Automobility Show next week. In the meantime, congratulations to EV Safe Charge on taking the right steps with solid perseverance.

Portable fast EV charger