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2019 Audi e-tron

Midsize SUV

All-new for 2019, the e-tron is Audi’s first-ever battery electric vehicle. The all-wheel drive e-tron has a 204 mile driving range in a five passenger, luxury midsize SUV. Audi claims the e-tron charges at a class-leading 150 kW at public chargers, making it the fastest charging sped of any electric SUV. So while the range is a bit less than other battery electrics, Audi says it made a choice not to maximize range, saying the e-tron maintains a 12-percent battery reserve that’s meant to prolong battery life.

2019 e-tron original owners receive a Level 2 home-charging system that can be kept in the vehicle as a portable charging solution, or mounted to the wall of your garage. Audi also has partnered with Electrify America where e-tron owners receive 1,000 kWh of charging (approximately 2,000 miles of driving) at one of Electrify America’s 2,000 DC fast charger sites.


95 kWh lithium-ion
120V (Level 1) 90 hours
240V (Level 2) 9 hours
480V DC Fast Charging 80% in 60 minutes or less.*
*Charging time based on 50kW DC Charging
On-Board Charger
7.2 kW
DC Charging Standard
Powertrain8 year/100,000 miles
New Vehicle4 year/50,000 miles
Complimentary Maintenance1 year/12,000 miles
Roadside Assistance 4 year/Unlimited miles
Corrosion Perforation12 year/Unlimited miles
Base MSRP: $74,800
All fifty states