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2019 Tesla Model X

Large SUV

The second Tesla to come along (after the Model S) in 2016 was the Model X, and it was nothing but revolutionary in its design. The most noticeable feature of the Model X are the Falcon Wing doors, The doors are more than an engineering feat, but offer wide-open access for the rear seat passengers. They differ from gull wing doors, which are more commonly found on exotic sports cars, as they are double-hinged allowing for the leading edge of the door to remain close to the body. This is an important feature when cars park too close at the mall.

The all-wheel drive Model X all-electric driving range is 238 to 325 miles, depending on the model. With the 2019 introduction of the Jaguar I-PACE, the Model X is no longer the only luxury, all-electric SUV.


75 kWh lithium-ion
100 kWh lithium-ion
120V (Level 1) 17 hours
240V (Level 2) 9.5 hours
480V DC Fast Charging 100 miles in 30 minutes or 80% in 75 minutes or less.*
On-Board Charger
12 kWh
DC Charging Standard
Tesla Supercharger
Powertrain8 year/Unlimited miles
Battery8 year/100,000 miles
Basic4 year/50,000 mile
Roadside Assistance4 year/50,000 mile
Corrosion12 year/Unlimited miles
Base MSRP: $84,990 – $138,000
Call Tesla at 888-518-3752 for which states have sales offices and service centers