Ziggy robotic charging station project for electric vehicles presented

Startup EV Safe Charge presented the Ziggy robotic charger designed to work offline in car parks. After accepting an order online, the system reserves a parking space and, upon the arrival of the customer, stands behind his electric car, opening access to the charging port.

Источник изображений: evsafecharge.com

Ziggy is a mobile battery pack (capacity not specified) equipped with lights and sensors located around the perimeter for an autonomous navigation system. The robot moves on four wheels, each of which turns, providing the device with high maneuverability.

The mobile charger supports remote booking through a mobile app. Upon receipt of an order, the robot finds a free space in the parking lot and takes it while the application directs the client to the desired point. The Ziggy undercarriage has enough ground clearance to overcome speed bumps and a low enough center of gravity to avoid tipping when driving on ramps.

If the robot is installed in the parking lot of a shopping center, it charges the customer’s electric car while the customer is shopping. Upon returning, the car enthusiast pays for the services through the same application, turns off the charging port, and the robot goes to a new client or to its fellows.