EV Safe Charge™ Turnkey EV Charging Solutions Featured at Sixth Annual ACT Expo

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Los Angeles, CA (May 2, 2016) — EV Safe Charge, a nationwide EV charging installation and services group, has announced its participation in the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo at the Long Beach Convention Center, May 2 – 5. Actively engaging with its partners in making the world a better place, EV Safe Charge will focus its efforts at the show on helping companies across the nation effectively “green” their truck fleets.

EV Safe Charge offers its signature concierge service and delivers customized solutions to meet any customer’s specific needs. “EV Safe Charge is passionate about delivering unparalleled service, since it was the general lack of service that sparked the inception of the company,” says Vicki James, company spokesperson. “They know that many fleet customers, upon making the decision to convert their fleets, can become frustrated and confused, realizing they have to go it alone to figure out which charger system is best for them, how to get it installed, how much it will cost, not to mention a host of other questions surrounding warranties or rebates.” EV Safe Charge offers straightforward and actionable answers to all those questions.

Working in tandem with industry leaders such as Bosch, ClipperCreek, EV Connect, GE and Schneider Electric, EV Safe Charge provides a turnkey solution to one of the most important challenges of our time — how to wean ourselves from our dependence on the internal combustion engine. As retail and industrial fleets across the nation convert to green solutions, so also will the need grow for electric charging capability.

Companies that are converting to electric-based fleets in order to cut down on fuel costs, and improve the environment and their reputations, can trust EV Safe Charge to provide a one-stop, easy and cost-effective solution for selecting and installing commercial EV chargers.

EV Safe Charge collaborates with fleet managers and truck operators on product selection, network management software, financing, and grants and rebates, completing RFPs and providing safe, reliable and robust end-to-end electric vehicle charging solutions. It is also helping reduce the planet’s carbon footprint, one charger at a time. For each charger it installs, EV Safe Charge plants a tree in conjunction with the Arbor Day Foundation. For more information, visit www.evsafecharge.com.