Meet Ziggy, the Mobile Robot That Comes to Your Parking Space and Charges Your Car

With an EV industry in continuous expansion, we also have to deal with a shortage of readily available fixed-charging capacity, which means we have to come up with new ways to meet the increasing EV charging demand. The Ziggy mobile robot aims to do just that, promising to offer a more cost-effective alternative to conventional solutions and overcome the limitations of stationary chargers.

Ziggy mobile EV charging robot

Ziggy mobile EV charging robotZiggy mobile EV charging robotZiggy access from the car infotainment systemZiggy mobile EV charging robotZiggy mobile EV charging robot

Developed by EV Safe Charge, Ziggy was recently unveiled as the first and only mobile EV charging robot that can generate advertising revenue. Ziggy can be used in parking facilities, shopping and entertainment centers, by fleet operators, property owners, and so on. It boasts of providing cost-effective charging while also generating additional income for the operator. The robot features two extra-large screens that can be used as “informational kiosks” or interactive advertising displays, as explained by EV Safe Charge.

Users can reserve Ziggy in advance and ask for the mobile EV charging robot via a mobile app or through their car’s infotainment system and have it arrive straight to their parking space. The robot will save you the parking space for plug-in charging and knows how to return to its home base to recharge itself using grid, battery, or solar energy. Ziggy features cameras on all four sides, front and tail lighting, a safety sensor band, and all-wheel steering. It can go over speed bumps and up and down ramps.

In addition to offering an EV charging solution that features communication and digital, interactive advertising, Ziggy also brings to the table its flexibility. That means that parking operators will no longer have to block spaces for permanent EV chargers, because the mobile robot can be deployed wherever it is needed.

EV Safe Charge will lease its Ziggy to deliver “Charging as a Service” and will provide ongoing technical support and maintenance. The robot is scheduled to enter production in 2023, but the company is already taking reservations.