Voici ZiGGY, le robot qui vous trouve une place de parking et recharge votre voiture

Pour palier au manque de bornes fixes, cette borne autonome conçue par l’entreprise californienne EV Safe Charge compte se déployer dans les parkings publics, les centres commerciaux ou encore les immeubles. La firme prévoit une commercialisation l’année prochaine aux États-Unis. Read more

EV Safe Charge unveils electric vehicle charging robot

EV Safe Charge, a provider of flexible electric vehicle charging technology, has unveiled ZiGGY, its mobile EV charging robot.

ZiGGY will bring EV charging to parking facilities, shopping and entertainment centers, hotels, fleet operators and property owners, providing cost-effective charging, overcoming the limitations of stationary EV chargers without the need for costly electrical infrastructure. Read more

Sunrise brief: Residential solar offers price certainty in chaotic electricity markets

Also on the rise: ZiGGY the robot that comes when your EV needs a charge. Why every state can learn from Hawai‘i’s solar journey. And more.

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Meet ZiGGY, the robot that comes when your EV needs a charge

The mobile EV charging robot from EV Safe Charge overcomes limitations of stationary chargers and doesn’t require electrical infrastructure.

ZiGGY comes when you call it via a mobile app or in-vehicle infotainment system, according to developer, EV Safe Charge. What sets ZiGGY apart from most charging systems is that it doesn’t require a vehicle to park in a designated place and it can be implemented without the electrical infrastructure required of a stationary charger. In addition ZiGGY can display digital ads, so it can be a money maker for hotels and other businesses that want to lease Ziggy to provide “charging as a service”.

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The ZiGGY Robot Will Find and Charge Your EV

ZiGGY is a neat new autonomous robot that will find you a parking spot, wait for you, and recharge your electric vehicle battery while you’re shopping, at work, or running errands. No, seriously.

We all know that charging EVs takes longer than stopping for gas, which is why several brands are looking for solutions. The company EV Safe Charge is a popular provider of end-to-end charging options, especially when it comes to mobile charging solutions. EV Safe Charge even partnered with Jaguar for its new i-PACE EV to offer on-the-fly charging options. Read more

EV, Battery & Charging News: Microchip, Allison Transmissions, American Axle, Altis, Li-Cycle, Juice, EV Safe & ONE

In electric vehicle, battery and charging news are Microchip, Allison Transmissions, American Axle, Altis, Li-Cycle, Juice, EV Safe and Our Next Energy.

Our Next Energy (ONE), the Michigan-based energy storage company, has signed an agreement with BMW Group to incorporate ONE’s Gemini™ Dual-Chemistry battery technology into the BMW iX all-electric Sports Activity Vehicle. ONE’s unique long-range Gemini technology reduces lithium use by 20% while reducing graphite use by 60% and minimizing the use of nickel and cobalt. In doing so, ONE is creating more sustainable energy storage technology that can significantly reduce environmental impact.

The prototype vehicle is expected to be completed by the end of the year. Read more

This mobile robot can reserve parking spots and then charge your EV

Startup EV Safe Charge unveiled a mobile robot, ZiGGY, that can reserve parking spots for electric vehicle drivers and then charge those cars wherever they are parked. The company aims to keep up with the growing demand for charging accessibility in the EV market.


Could Car-To-Car Charging Solve The Lack of Stations Problem?

As per a study, connecting EVs driving and letting them transfer power without coming to a halt could be a viable solution for EV charging.

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Industry observation: Electric vehicles have ushered in mobile charging technology, and there are solutions at home and abroad

Industry observation: Electric vehicles have ushered in mobile charging technology, and there are solutions at home and abroad

In crowded cities and crowded underground garages, finding a charging point for electric vehicles is not easy. Traditional fixed charging piles require complex arrangements to be available. When the number of electric vehicles and the demand for charging are large, flexible mobile charging technology has become an effective supplement. Read more

This robot will find you a parking space AND charge your EV while you’re on the go


This is Ziggy, a mobile robot that will charge your battery-powered vehicle while you’re out and about.

Ziggy is basically a battery bank on wheels that you can summon with your mobile phone.

And if that’s not cool enough, it will also find a parking space for you and reserve it until you get there. Read more