7 promising tech startups shaking up the auto industry

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The auto industry is undergoing a massive shift as it ushers in the technologies behind electric and autonomous vehicles and onboard tech designed to improve or enhance the driving experience. But to fully understand how those changes are manifesting, and how they could evolve in the future, we have to first understand the startups and entrepreneurs driving those changes. Read more

How EV Safe Charge Went From Helping A Few To Becoming A Full-Fledged Company

Charging station companies have flourished well during the past few years. Although it’s still the wild far out west within that industry, a handful of startups are already prominent key players. EV Safe Charge started as a little word-of-mouth startup and now it seems ready to take the next step up to industry leadership. How […]

EV Safe Charge installation service connects the dots for EV buyers

Buying an EV can be a relatively simple task for those who have bought a vehicle in the past. Too often however, what goes unnoticed is the complexities involved in EV charger installations. Whether it is choosing the right manufacturer, finding a reliable electrician, or understanding compatibility and safety, installation for both businesses and consumers carries challenges.

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10 Automotive Startups to Watch in 2018

With autonomous vehicles of all levels on the very near horizon and electric vehicles gaining in popularity, the entire auto industry is poised to make a drastic shift in the coming years. Autos aren’t just manufactured machines anymore, they’re technology products in the same way that any computer or consumer electronic device. Read more

2017 Electric Mobility Highlights

2017 was a strange year, with plenty to celebrate and plenty to ponder about. The wild ups and downs most of us have gone through, both personally and professionally, were reflected in the industries we cover as well. So let’s take a look at what surprised us, what shows the most potential, and what was simply strange.

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Two electric school buses, powered by Motiv Power Systems, go into service in California

Colton Joint Unified School District in San Bernardino County, California has taken delivery of two electric Type C Starcraft eQuest XL school buses from Creative Bus Sales, featuring powertrains from Motiv Power Systems.

Built on Ford’s F59 chassis, the new e-buses have a capacity of 48 passengers and a range of up to 85 miles. They feature flexible seating, and can be configured to accommodate up to 8 wheelchairs for routes with special-needs children.

Motiv recently delivered a Type A bus to a New York school district, and has had Type A buses running in the California’s King’s Canyon school district since 2014.

“The Motiv electric powertrain [gives] Creative’s eQuest XL school bus unprecedented performance previously uncharacteristic of electric buses,” says Joe Angeli of Creative Bus Sales. “The hill-climbing power and acceleration provided by the electric powertrain gives these buses a driving experience consistent with standard buses, creating a safer driving environment for the buses and the children they transport.”

The electric bus charging infrastructure was installed by EV Safe Charge who offers turnkey commercial, fleet and residential EV charging solutions nationwide.



AutoMobility L.A. names startup competition finalists

A Los Angeles startup and nine other companies will be competing in the 2017 Top Ten Automotive Startups Competition before the Los Angeles Auto Show in November.

EV Safe Charge, which installs electric vehicle chargers at residential and commercial locations, has been named a finalist in the contest, which will take place at AutoMobility LA, taking place Nov. 27-30. The Auto Show follows on Dec. 1-10.The diverse group of finalists are working on electric vehicles, autonomous fleets and carpooling using artificial intelligence, augmented reality and remote sensors.

The top 10 were winnowed down from an applicant pool of 300 based on a number of criteria including “the potential to greatly impact daily transportation and mobility needs from both a consumer and business perspective,” AutoMobility said. Read more


IF YOU WORKED for a startup in the 1990s, chances were you were figuring out how to make money on the brand spankin’ new World Wide Web. Leap forward 10 years, and the typical startup was all about apps on your smartphone, to do everything from touching up selfies, to booking flights, to getting your laundry picked up.

Now, we’re in the decade of the startup launched to remake transportation—the electric cars, ride sharing networks, and personal flying machines that will transform the way people get around. Read more